Computers 8 work

welcome to my website made for my computers class

where its just me, myself, and some of my best work

here are two photos of me from granville island, at granville our assigment was to take proffessional looking photos using the diffrent types of photography strategies. On this field trip i took around 60 photos, however 50 of them were usable. With this task i demonstrated leadership skills. For example i made sure we were at the bread affair on time to get checked in, i also made sure we made the bus on time and all tasks were done. Heres some of my favioute photos from the trip. Throughtout computers i have showed my understanding of what we hvae learned in innovative ways. Its never common with the original example piece.

In computers i have made stronger friendships and learned alot more than i would have belived before. Not only did i become better with my communitcation skills with others, but have accomplished my goal in my typing skills. I have observed, leanred, failed, succedded and reflected.

throughout computers we have done miny assigments that through adobe illustrater, adobe indesign, and word documents. At the begginning of the computers 6 weeks i leanred how to create a calender off of word documents. In adobe illustrator i have done most of my work on there. For example i have learned how to trace and create images into a cartoon or an art illustrated piece. For next time i would go over the small details but here is some of the work.

this is a project i did on adobe illustrator. The task was to take a photo of yourself upload it to my computer and trace over it using the supplied tools and keep the same color. Next time i would be more stratical on how i put the layers on. the framed photos i created in adobe photoshop. We were assigned to go around the school and take photos using the techniques we were shown in class. with the shapes it was a smaller project where i was testing out the lining and having some fun making straight lines pratice.

Overall through these 6 weeks i have learned alot, this was a great excperience. Computers was alot more challenging then i thougth adn im amazed by how much i was able observed. I hvae reflected and tried my absolute best. thank you.